Welcome to Zao Imaging LLC

Zao Imaging is the creation of 2 fine art photographers with a passion for composition and a desire to transform a photograph into a piece of life.

Zao Imaging is based in the New York City area, but travel is our specialty!

The 2 principle photographers of Zao are:

Aaron M. Zachko

Aaron began his career as a musician taking his art form to the highest levels. He attended the prestigious Juilliard School and completed his degree in Classical Music performance. The discipline and hard work required to achieve such an elevated level of achievment taught him that an educated approach in conjunction with an open mind will lead to art found in the most unusual places, just as music can be found in the concert hall as well as the construction site so can a beautiful photograph! This ability to "find" art anywhere guides his eye towards the unique and unusual bringing a journalistic approach to all of his subjects whether they be people, places or things.

Ya-Chi Sherry Liu

A native of Taipei, Taiwan and now living and working in New York City, Sherry is a well travelled individual. Bringing her wordly sense of place and being to her images, Sherry looks to convey the new and unique. Having a fresh perspective on the world she brings joy and life to her photographs and those who view them.